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Vision of the Fair Towing Alliance

The Fair Towing Alliance's vision is for family stability and economic vitality to be furthered through the reduction of tows that are neither criminal nor related to public safety.


Mission of the Fair Towing Alliance 

The Fair Towing Alliance's mission is to partner with the business community, elected officials, policy-makers, and government agencies to advance equitable towing policies and practices.


Five Principles of the Fair Towing Alliance

The position of the Fair Towing Alliance is that this issue is a matter of education and policy. Further, those who write public policy and police officers are not viewed as adversaries. On the contrary, they are community leaders as are the owners of towing companies and we need their support to help the poor. The five principles of the Fair Towing Alliance are:

1. Laws are to be respected
2. Awareness and education 
3. Protect families
4. Protect businesses
5. Multifaceted response

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