Purpose of Fair Towing Alliance


Family stability and economic vitality is furthered by the working poor having access to a car free of the risk of it being towed for matters that are neither criminal nor related to public safety. 




The Fair Towing Alliance advocates for public policy and practices by partnering with the business community, elected officials, policy makers, and government agencies related to towing practices.

Fairness Includes Safety and Economic Well Being


The Fair Towing Alliance is committed to attaining solutions that serve the interests of all including towing companies. At some point, just about everyone relies upon a professional towing company. This service does not come without risk. Working as a tow truck operator is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. According to Truck Accidents, July 2, 2018 regarding tow truck operators in Tennessee:

Tow-truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. Traveling to a foreign location, calming stressed drivers, working with heavy equipment, and maneuvering busy roads are all just part of a day’s work for tow-truck drivers. They can face many health and safety risks while on the job. Although they require special training before they can work, tow-truck drivers aren’t always able to avoid danger and prevent accidents.


Further information can be found here.


Lastly, towing companies and their employees have a right to make a profit and living wage


The position of the Fair Towing Alliance is that this issue is a matter of education and policy. Further, those who write public policy and police officers are not viewed as adversaries. On the contrary, they are community leaders as are the owners of towing companies and we need their support to help the poor. The five key principles of the Fair Towing Alliance. 

1.    Laws are to be respected
2.   Awareness and education 
3.   Protect families
4.   Protect business
5.   Multifaceted response




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