William Gorman served as a police officer and detective from 1990-1996. He graduated from the Prince George’s County Maryland Municipal Police Academy.


He further received and attended training schools from the Maryland State Police in Drug Interdiction, Financial Investigations, Basic Drug Investigation, Conspiracy Investigations, Trial Preparation, and Essential Performance Insights for Judgement Enhancement / Use of Deadly Force; the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington DC for Prostitution Enforcement; the Montgomery County, Maryland Police Department for Child Exploitation Investigations; and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for Investigations of Incest and Child Interviewing.

In both 1992 and 1993 Gorman was awarded “Police Officer of the Year” by the Fraternal Order of Police, Prince George's County Municipal Police, Lodge 9.

In 1994 Gorman taught in the police academy on Uniform Patrol Procedures.

Gorman served a key role in organizing citizens and police officers to obtain union status for municipal police officers. Later, he played a leadership role in collective bargaining and negotiating compensation, benefits, and proper equipment for patrol officers. Gorman's work was part of the AFL-CIO, International Union of Police Associations.  

He left the police department to begin a socially responsible investing firm and since 2002 he has worked in the non-profit sector as a senior leader and Chief Operating Officer.


In 2019 he founded Alacritas Advisers, LLC a consultancy specializing in human service organizations.

Gorman has a PgD and MBA from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.


He can be reached