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Tows that are not based on crime or public safety drive the poor further into debt, hurt families, and weaken local economies.


Towed cars in just one month in Los Angeles alone


Sold towed cars in just one month in Los Angeles alone


Average price people must pay after a debt collection tow

Origin of the Fair Towing Alliance

William Gorman, founder of the Fair Towing Alliance, ordered the towing of a car for the first time in 1990 as a new police officer. The offense was having an out of date vehicle registration. To this day, William has not forgotten that encounter.

Tow Truck


Having one’s car towed is often such an unforeseen cost and, for many people, goes beyond recovery fees and can lead to increased debt, loss of mobility for employment or essential life functions, or even being deprived of their home.

Get to Know Our Vision and Mission

The Fair Towing Alliance's mission is to partner with the business community, elected officials, policy-makers, and government agencies to advance equitable towing policies and practices.

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